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HAFNERŽ Kosher Wine

Lake Neusiedl is Europe's largest step-lake, north of Burgenland. Around the lake the famous Sheva Kehillos are located. A part of the lake is still today hungarian. Today'x Burgenland came to Austria in 1921 and was called "German-West-Hungary" before.

A typical Burgenland-styled house. Even with a stork's nest onto the roof!Today there are unfortunately just a few of such houses and mostly used as museums.

The soft hills around the lake have a special microclimate for wine;this knew the Celts (3000 Years) even before the Romans (2000 years) and the jewish settlers and founders of the Sheva Kehillos mentioned the best wines coming from this area!

Old cellar-streets with hundreds of year odl cellars are still in every community.

Wunderful sunset in the Nationalpark Lake Neusiedl.

Maschgiach Lichtenstein harvesting the FIRST KOSHER Icewine in the World, at -9°C in Dec. 2000. Finally this specialty is available as a Kosherwine.

The Winner Wine of the Kosher tasting in Los Angeles by the Underground Wine Journal: HAFNER KOSHER ICEWINE !

History/Sheva Kehillos

We offer a complete line of kosher and kosher for Passover products for your festivities! These products are grown on the sunny hills of the wine growing area “Lake Neusiedl” (east of Vienna, next to the Hungarian border) and are strictly supervised by Oberrabbiner A.Y. Schwartz of Vienna to maintain the religious standards dictated by halacha.

Since 1980 we have produced kosher wines in Burgenland (former West-Hungary). Well know to the entire Jewish world as Sheva Kehillos, the 7 communities, this region has always had the reputation for best kosher wine production and this hasn’t changed! The climate is simply perfect for the production of white and red wines of highest quality and moreover the unique and specific possibility of producing different noble sweet wines in this region proves the multilateralism of Burgenland.

Under the name “Sheva Kehillos” and “Queen Esther – Sheva Kehillos” we have a line of regional products offered to the export markets of the world. The labels contain a series of beautiful paintings of typical sights in the Burgenland area (Sheva Kehillos), painted by Franz Pfeffer. We have also used them as the background pictures for our web-site!

We keep the tradition but develop ideas and innovations! Starting in 1980 with two kinds of kosher wine, today we offer a wide range of high-quality wine and specialties with the highest international awards. Our “House of Hafner” kosher wine meets everyone’s taste. From crisp, fruity-fresh light summer wines to dry full-bodied reds and a selection of some of the worlds greatest noble sweet wines we also carry Kiddush wine, grape juice and high-end liquors like Grappa and Brandy.

Meanwhile the total line contains more than 30 kosher products, which are available in more than 20 countries worldwide. With the harvest in 2000 we have produced something special.

As Austria’s first producers of Ice wine (1971) we are proud to present the world’s first kosher Ice wine, harvested in the first days of Chanukah on 22 and 23 of December 2000 at -7 °C with the Chardonnay grape. This is a real specialty and rarity! By harvesting the frozen grapes and immediately pressing them, the sugar in the must (juice) is concentrated as the frozen water crystals are separated from the must as Ice. Ice wines are therefore a natural sweet wine with a very fruity and fresh character!

This wine was immediately loved by wine connoisseurs all over the world and received the highest awards in kosher and non-kosher wine challenges in Los Angeles, Toronto and London. Be convinced, and taste this outstanding wine!

For special wine lovers we have also produced the first kosher TBA (Trocken Beeren Auslese) in 2000. TBA’s are well known by experts as those noble sweet wines with highest concentration of noble sweetness as they are produced by harvesting raisin-like, shrivelled grapes late in fall.

Within this category of wines our winery has already won three World champion titles!